Presenting…Amazing Snakeheads

Amazing Snakeheads

Described recently by The Guardian as ‘a band so exciting I couldn’t sleep’ Glasgow 3 piece the Amazing Snakeheads are Jordon (Drums), William (Bass) and Dale (vocals and guitars). Now when a band starts getting bigged up this much there’s always the risk that the hype can spoil it BUT the word is that The Amazing Snakeheads might actually be worth the hype.

They’re shortly to release their debut album Amphetamine Ballads on Domino (hope to other 17 Seconds faves like Stephen Malkmus, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys) and you know things are moving in the right direction when you’ve heard the band several times on day time radio. That song is ‘Here It Comes Again’ which fizzes along with an impressive amount of urgency, and makes you stop what you’re doping to jump around. Even more impressive when you’re the wrong side of 35.

Check out these two tracks, both on the forthcoming Amphetamine Ballads:

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. I’m A Vampire
2. Nighttime
3. Swamp Song
4. Here It Comes Again
5. Flatlining
6. Where Is My Knife?
7. Every Guy Wants To Be Her Baby
8. Memories
9. Heading For Heartbreak
10. Tiger By The Tail

Amphetamine Ballads is released by Domino on April 14.

2 thoughts on “Presenting…Amazing Snakeheads

  1. I have seen them a few times over the past couple of years. Shambolic is the word but in a good way as they just about manage to keep it all together and there is an edge about there performances. I am eagerly awaiting this album to see whether that edge comes through on the album. It did to an extent on the single.

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