The return of Sleepmakeswaves

Last year, Australia’s Sleepmakeswaves issued a fantastic debut in the shape of …And So We Destroyed Everything (read my review here), which also made no.13 in my Top 50 albums of the year list.

Clearly not people to let the ground grow beneath their feet, they will release their second album Love Of Cartography on September 1 in the UK. And how can you not love a band who write love songs about delay pedals? (if you don’t understand this, you are probably reading the wrong blog).

You can stream the album below in its entirety via bandcamp:

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Perfect Detonator
2. Traced In Constellations
3. Singularity
4. Emergent
5. Great Northern
6. The Stars Are Stigmata
7. A Little Spark
8. How We Built The Ocean
9. Something Like Avalanches
10. Your Time Will Come Again

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