Two new tracks from the New Pornographers’ new record!

(‘The return of’ needs resting)

New Pornographers will release their new album on August 25. It’s entitled Brill Bruisers and is the first album in four years by the North American indie supergroup.

So far two tracks have been made available as videos, which you can stream. At the top of the page (And probably playing already) is the title track (if two tracks appear to be playing, maybe it’s the Morrissey one down the page).

Meanwhile down below is ‘War On The East Coast’

The album’s tracklisting is as follows:

1. Brill Bruisers
2. Champions Of Red Wine
3. Fantasy Fools
4. War On The East Coast
5. Backstairs
6. Marching Orders
7. Another Drug Deal Of The Heart
8. Born With A Sound
9. Wide Eyes
10. Dancehall Domine
11. Spidyr
12. Hi-Rise
13. You Tell Me Where

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