Album Review – Tiny Fingers

Tiny Fingers -‘Magafauna.’ (Anova Music)

The first international release from Tiny Fingers is an enjoyably intense listen. Whilst it’s easy (too easy?) to file them under post-rock, there’s both a mixture of electronics and prog influences here that sets them apart from many other acts lumped in under that banner. They were picked to support Mars Volta, which makes sense.

Clocking in at nine tracks over forty minutes, this is very much an album as a whole, and it’s hard to pick out individual tracks per se. When I say intense, it’s not necessarily that it’s as fast as Slayer or Napalm Death or acts in that vein, it’s more that listening to this album it tends to envelop you in its sound, to the point that even in the middle of the day, on one of my many listens to it, I almost felt I was hallucinating.

It’s also entirely instrumental – and given the dance collaborations the band have been involved in, I think film producers would do well to snap them up for soundtracks. Whilst this album won’t appeal to all, for those who enjoy their music intense and atmospheric, this hits the spot.


Megafauna is released on August 25 on Anova Music.

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