The return of BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits

Yup! They’re back with their first music in a couple of years.

In the words of the great [I have met him, he is a lovely bloke] Duglas T. Stewart ‘My Girl Midge was recorded by David Scott [The Pearlfishers] and me on August 27th on David’s home studio. It is a song about loss and heartbreak but I wanted it to be more than just another sad song. I wanted the song to be filled with the light of love and for it not to be maudlin. There are too many maudlin, self pitying songs out there and often I can’t hear very much love in them. There is sadness in this song but I hope people can have a little dance to it or at least a smile.’

When I contacted him to ask if there was a new BMX Bandits album on the way, Duglas said it was just this for now – but this free download is a welcome addition to their catalogue, particularly on what is a very wet and foggy day here in Scotland.

To download the single go to Elefant Records’ website and simply enter the code 028ENHYJYV61

Here is also a link to one of the earliest interviews I ever did for the website, with Duglas himself

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