Does there have to be a reason?

Well, yes, it’s the 1st of October, so two songs with the title, erm ‘October.’

First up, A-ha. Their Scoundrel Days was one of the first albums I ever owned, given to me as tenth birthday present, on cassette. Rather like The Bangles’ Different Light, it’s an album that reminds me of being ten and getting into music and buying it. Both are albums I eventually bought on vinyl.

Next: U2. It’s so easy to slag U2 off, but they made some great records. I’ve always had a soft spot for October the album, even though it seems to be way down on the list of most people’s favourite U2 albums. This, the title track is a beautiful piece of music – and it should come as no surprise on hearing this that they went on to work with Brian Eno many times.

Meanwhile, my review of the Alt-J album can be found over at God Is In The TV

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