The return of the Wu-Tang Clan

With there being less than two months til the end of the year, the music industry is, as ever hoping that the fourth quarter will rescue them. This does, of course, depend on them giving us stuff that we want to buy rather than spending our hard-earned cash.

Along with what appears to be a final Pink Floyd album, more greatest hits albums than you can shake a stick at, and no doubt the ubiquitous cash-ins, amongst the albums still to grace us with their presence is the first Wu-Tang Clan album in 7 years.

Entitled A Better Tomorrow, the album is released on December 1 and the tracklisting is as follows:

‘Ruckus in B Minor’
’40th Street Black / We Will Fight’
‘Mistaken Identity’
‘Hold the Heater’
‘Crushed Egos’
‘Keep Watch’
‘Preacher’s Daughter’
‘Pioneer the Frontier’
‘Ron O’Neal’
‘A Better Tomorrow’
‘Never Let Go’
‘Wu-Tang Reunion’

The opening track ‘Ruckus In B Minor’ can be streamed above. It sounds like prime Wu-Tang to these ears…

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