Album Review – Diagrams


Diagrams -‘Chromatics.’ (Full Time Hobby)

Diagrams is the work of one Sam Genders, formerly a member of folktronica group Tunng. Chromatics is his second album, and it makes for a very enjoyable listen.

Folktronica has become a much-derided term, but if we’re going to try and leave that behind, the fact remains that this album is equal parts 60s folk and gentle electronica. This may not be a groundbreaking combination in 2015, but this album reaches through like a gentle hug, utterly necessary in this cold British weather. Second track ‘Gentle Morning Song’ is exactly what you think it might sound like, in a good way. There’s folky pop songs here, but the balance of electronic sounds mean that it’s – thankfully – not just another bloody singer-songwriter album (God knows there’s way too many of those around).

And whilst this isn’t a life-changing record, it’s one that like all good albums should manages to reveal a little more of itself with each listen. Repeated listening brings rewards and whether it’s the excellent opener ‘Phantom Power’ or the hauntingly beautiful title track, this is like a ray of sunshine through all the rain.


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