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Alasdair roberts

Alasdair Roberts -‘Alasdair Roberts.’ (Drag City)

Though he has quite an impressive indie pedigree, Alasdair Roberts’ work under his own name mostly belongs under folk. This latest album sees him continue to investigate traditional Scottish folksong, even though all of what he presents are his own compositions.

For those who associate ‘folk’ with artists that might simply be using a an acoustic guitar or banjo, this may seem an unfamiliar world, but it’s one that’s worth taking time to get to grips with. Sure, it might seem odd that someone in 2015 is writing songs with names like ‘The Final Diviner’ or ‘The Mossy Shrine’ but whilst he may be a fan of traditional structures and sounds he avoids the snobbery that characterises (and puts off outsiders the stereotypical image of the folk purist.

So while this album may not reveal all its charms immediately, songs like ‘Artless One’ and ‘In Dispraise of Hunger’ reveal a singer-songwriter working in stripped down, but definitely not bland, traditional stylings. And I promise you: each additional play will warm your heart just a little more.


Alasdair Roberts is out now on Drag City.

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