A song for today #7


I’ve actually had quite a nice day, thanks for asking – but sometimes, regardless of your mood, what you want is a snarling, raging beast of a song.

And ‘Spit You Out’ from Metz’s forthcoming sophomore album, entitled Metz II hits the spot very nicely indeed, thank you. This is one to be cranked up very loud, whilst playing air guitar and screaming (either in you head or out loud, it doesn’t matter which). Metz’s debut album came out in 2012 (and made my end of year list) so this is an album I’m definitely looking forward to.

If that hit the spot for you, the video below (not the video, apparently, according to YouTube) is the opening track on Metz II:

Metz II is released by Sub Pop on May 4 and the album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Acetate
2. The Swimmer
3. Spit You Out
4. Zzyzx
5. IOU
6. Landfill
7. Nervous System
8. Wait in Line
9. Eyes Peeled
10. Kicking a Can of Worms

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