London four-piece Gengahr are Felix Bushe (vocals and guitar), Hugh Schulte bass), John Victor (guitar), and Danny Ward (drums and vocals). Signed to Transgressive Records they are shortly to release their debut album A Dream Outside on June 15. On the evidence of what their soundcloud reveals, they are more than just another four-piece indie guitar band indebted to nineties acts.

This is their current single ‘Heroine’:

The artwork for the album can be seen below, along with the tracklisting for the album
Gengahr album

1. Dizzy Ghosts
2. She’s A Witch
3. Heroine
4. Bathed In Light
5. Where I Lie
6. Dark Star
7. Embers
8. Powder
9. Fill My Gums With Blood.
10. Lonely As A Shark
11. Trampoline

You can hear some of the other tracks from their debut album below:

For details of live dates please see the Transgressive website

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