Album Review – Winter Villains

Winter Villains

Winter Villains -‘Once There Were Sparks, Now There Are Ashes.’ (Owlet Music)

Winter Villains are the Cardiff-based act Josef Prygodzicz and Faye Gibson. Descrined as being an experimental chamber pop-band, they could also be said to inhabit that relatively uncharted space where indie-pop meets post-rock.

‘Empire,’ the first single from this, their sophomore album is a perfect introduction: boy/girl vocals, deceptively simple and utterly heartbreaking. This track alone I could listen to for hours at a time (or my heart broke, which I think it could). Then there’s the beautiful ‘Hunters’ which is in waltz-time, and the experiments with a an ambient-meets pastoral sound on ‘We Lost Our Children To The Depths Of The Forest’ and the title track…I could go on.

As with labelmates Trwbador, there’s a sense of wonder at the sheer beauty, creativity and, Goddammit, originality that’s going on here. Are you ready to be heartbroken? Go on, you know you want to…


Once There Were Sparks, Now There Are Ashes is out now on Owlet Music

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