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Peppermint Fiction

(I get no shortage of submissions here (and frequently ‘follow-up emails’ despite the bit on the right which clearly asks people not to. More embarrassing, however, is when I have promised to write about bands and then life gets in the way.)

Today’s presenting act are Glasgow four-piece (and occasionally five) Peppermint Fiction. According to the bio they supplied me, the band began in a bedroom in Scotstoun, Glasgow. Initially Ben White (bass), Cammy Bryce (guitar) and Jack Harris (drums) learned their instruments together through endless jams and trial and error. There was never any clear direction or “ sound” in mind, they just played what felt good. However these shapeless jams needed some vocals, and around 2010/11 the band turned to Cammy’s older brother Forbes Bryce (Vocals/Guitar) to fill that role, and began writing songs such as ‘secrets that topped the Glasgow’s reverb nation alternative charts. From this they further developed their screw-loose alternative rock with songs such as ‘Blue Ghosts’ that won a NIGMA award (judged by acclaimed songwriter John Reid).

Individually, the members of the band draw influence from a deep pool of music and culture- everything from horror-core hip hop to feel good house anthems- but their musical tastes cross over somewhere between the Pixies’ Purple Tape and and ESG’s A South Bronx StoryA Peppermint Fiction, with the help of the fifth member of the family and guitarist Andrew Still. Despite the fact the boys have been making music since 2010 (the band often referred to by themselves as the ‘ false start band’ ), this is their first official release.

Funky and dark? This six track EP sounds good to me…(the laughter on ‘Green Lights’ is genuinely unsettling, by the way).

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