A song for today #25


Another day, another scary amount of submissions in my inbox (hint: try and write something that’s going to grab mine or any other blogger’s attention).

” I´m an independent artist from Germany. My name is TYGAPUSS and I make fast Garage music for women who work smart and party hard;)!

Currently I´m working on my debut album. As a bloody newcomer I would love to get a review!”

This debut single is fun and punchy. I don’t know a lot about the band, but I can tell you this much:

They are Anna Gette (vocals), Hannes Weißbach (guitar), Jo Heger (bass) and Youbi Deinas (drums). This song ‘He’s Savage Like An Animal’ is a whole heap of fun, and you should turn it up loud, annoy your neighbours and enjoy the video at face value.

3 thoughts on “A song for today #25

  1. Wow! That’s a great way to start the week. Love it! Can imagine them becoming BIG! Keep us posted.

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