I’ve been meaning to post this track and video from Throws ever since it arrived in my inbox last week.

The Icelandic duo have just unveiled their debut single ‘The Harbour’, and the video features someone skiing on their head.

You did read that right.

Recorded, at their studio in Reykjavik’s old fishing harbour, it was an experience the pair say left them feeling “refreshed and powerful”. Through the studio’s big windows over-looking the sea, synths and a trove of old guitars came to make up a track that somehow manages to be ghostly and galloping in equal measure. As for the video, the band explains:

“The Harbour is an Ode to being true to yourself and if people can’t deal with the true you, then they’re not the people for you. Hold on to the strange and wondrous wonky parts of your personality, and treasure those parts of your loved ones…… Head Stand Skiing man is doing exactly that and we treasure those strong arms, balancing legs… tough neck and badass Jumpsuit … we want you just as you are, the one and only innovative, stylish head stand Skier!!”

Their album is due out on June 10, the single is out now. It’s utterly sublime and one of the best tracks I have heard this year.

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