Presenting…Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn

Who is the mysterious Jackie Lynn? According to the press release, the “elusive songstress is currently on the run, having just barely dodged a police raid on her Chicago south side apartment, but the track “Alien Love” from a recovered LP has suddenly turned up… the enigmatic Jackie, however, is still nowhere to be seen.

“Alien Love” suggests at Jackie’s tormented relationship with Tom Strong (real name unknown) and provides the perfect getaway soundtrack, with a pulsating bassline and irresistible vocals.”


NPR commented that the debut album “exists in an alternate world where outlaw country dreams of synth wires and clops along to drum machines, and where Fohr’s moaning baritone narrates the seediest story ever told.”

That first track ‘Alien Love’ can be heard below – it really is fantastic:

The self-titled album will be released by Thrill Jockey on June 10, with the tracklisting as follows:

1. Bright Lights
2. Chicken Picken
3. Smile
4. O
5. Alien Love
6. Franklin, TN
7. The Great Fight
8. Jackie

(and don’t tell anyone that we told you, but Jackie Lynn is the project of Haley Fohr from Circuit des Yeux, featuring members of Bitchin Bajas and Cave).

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