Presenting…Red Cell

Red Cell

Swedish synth pop trio Red Cell was formed in 2003 by Per Linnerblad, Jimmy Jönsson and Stefan Aronsson. Imagine a band that understand both the mystery of synthesiser experimentalism and the joy of the unabashed three minute pop single. Having released two albums in the first decade of this millennium – 2005’s Hybrid Society and 2008’s Lead Or Follow, they will release their third album this autumn.

So far, two tracks have been premiered from the album, which you can stream below. Comparisons have – understandably when you hear the music – been drawn with the likes of Devo, Human League and Depeche Mode. Yet the music produced feels fresh and exciting, rather than being retro and in debt to the past.

2 thoughts on “Presenting…Red Cell

  1. Excellent. As you say, in the first track there’s a Human League feel, but with bigger choruses. Not very cool to say so, but I thought the second track was a bit like The Killers.
    Thanks for posting. Always good to hear new stuff ????

    PS I’m sure you meant to say “in debt to the past” rather than “depth”. Damn autocorrect

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