A song for today #34: Troy Joe

As I have said many times over the last ten years, I get more submissions than I can possibly listen to. Sometimes it may be nothing more than pure chance that I get the chance to listen to something.

And once in a while, there’s an unsolicited submission that makes it all worthwhile. Toronto’s Troy Joe got in touch a couple of weeks ago with a track taken from his Rich Nobody EP, which he’s not long finished recording in Miami.

After my first listen to ‘Bounce’, it got put on repeat play. It’s that kind of track. So turn it up, enjoy the video, and some edgy loop going on in the background. One of the best tracks I have heard this year.

Utterly fabulous. And like a lot of great tracks it doesn’t hang about, clocking in at less than three minutes.

Once I’d heard that, I had to head on over to check out his soundcloud and you should, too.

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