A song for today #40: Mined

Photo credit: Rosie Matheson for JFC Worldwide

Hello again. There are, as ever, no shortages of submissions in the inbox, and as ever, too little time to write about them and a computer that is playing silly buggers. Anyway…

This song and video from London’s Mined arrived in the inbox a few weeks ago, and both song and video are rather haunting, standing up to repeated play.

‘Mistakes’ is taken from his forthcoming EP Love’s Lows, which is due out in the spring.

According to the press release ‘Kofi Holmes Attivor aka Mined is – quite literally – a man of many names. Born to a Ghanaian family in Tooting in London, this electronica newcomer, philomath and a Molecular biologist was given eight names at birth. Raised on the RnB and soul from his parents’ record collection, he was granted his wish to get his first “sleek, silver Casio”. Putting his musical experiments on hold, Kevin pursued his other passion of science at University of York and a Molecular Cell biology degree. While investigating the sonic landscapes of Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” and the work by artists like Spooky Black, Majical Cloudz and Foals, he started developing his own sound that embodied his philomath pursuits.’

The follow-up to last year’s also rather brilliant ‘Pangs’ debut single, if you’re fed up with the charts being full of the same artist, then get behind Mined and spread the word.

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