Track of the day #47: Rat & Co.

Australian trio Rat & Co. will release their new album Third Law on August 25. The theme of the album is a futuristic world in which artificial intelligence has taken over. Ahead of it, they have unveiled a new track ‘Control.’

It compliments previous single ‘Soldiers‘ and the appropriately named ‘A.I.’ by adding Joshua Delaney’s otherworldy vocoder vocal to the track. Whilst Boards of Canada are clearly an influence, the icy post-punk pop sound adds a fresh layer of auible foreboding, reflecting a world where the news just gets darker by the day, and within the music it’s a post-apocalyptic feel; made even darker by the sense that there’s something to be feared – but what?

Delaney’s lyrics hold an authoritative tone as they guide you through the track, despite the uncertain message… unfold control, we are the other one, the other one, our hearts are cold, we’ll start again, just start again’.

Who knows what the coming weeks will hold? One thing’s for sure: assuming we haven’t descended into a nuclear winter, Rat & Co. will likely be providing the soundtrack for the coming months…




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