Track of the day #49: Go! Team

This might seem an odd thing to admit, but I think I’m probably a bit guilty of taking the Go! Team for granted. They’ve been around for well over a decade now, and every so often they release a new track that makes me (and probably others too) go ‘I must listen to these guys more often.’

On January 19 they’ll release their new album Semi-Circle (you can find the tracklisting further down this post) and the first track to do the rounds is the title track ‘Semicircle Song.’

According to NPR, in making Semi-Circle, bandleader Ian Parton gathered samples across the Midwest, with an emphasis on capturing the voices of young musicians. He also reassembled the lineup of The Go! Team responsible for their breakthrough, Thunder, Lightning, Strike. ‘Semicircle song’ is manages to combine the group’s usual everything including the kitchen sink approach to produce a song that is a three-minute pop marvel. Utterly gorgeous. Like sunshine on your stereo. As the winter nights draw in, that’s something we need more than ever…

  1. “Mayday”
  2. “Chain Link Fence”
  3. “Semicircle Song”
  4. “Hey!”
  5. “The Answer’s No — Now What’s the Question?”
  6. “Chico’s Radical Decade
  7. “All the Way Live”
  8. “If There’s One Thing You Should Know”
  9. “Tangerine / Satsuma / Clementine”
  10. “She’s Got Guns”
  11. “Plans Are Like a Dream U Organise”
  12. “Getting Back Up”

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