U.S. Girls: New single, album, tour…

Meg Remy photographed by Colin Medley

Wow…4AD are continuing to keep my inbox very busy indeed. Long may they continue to do so…

Meg Remy, who goes under the name U.S. Girls, is shortly to release her sixth album, In A Poem Unlimited. Her second album for the label, and her sixth in all, she has also unveiled the third track to be released from the album ‘Pearly Gates.’

And wow, are those concepts intriguing. ‘Pearly Gates’ is about a woman attempting to seduce St. Peter in order to get into heaven, with mixed results.  is explained by its creator as follows: “Some years back a story was recounted to me about a man attempting to convince a woman to engage in unprotected sex by saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’m really good at pulling out.’ I thought this was a hilariously stupid thing to say and knew one day I would build a song around this line.”  

The other singles so far released from the album include ‘Velvet 4 Sale’ imagining a world where women take up arms against men…

…and the aforementioned ‘Mad As Hell’, which deals with pacifism.

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Velvet 4 Sale
2. Rage Of Plastics
3. M.A.H.
4. Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say
5. Rosebud
6. Incidental Boogie
7. L-Over
8. Pearly Gates
9. Poem 
10. Traviata
11. Time

She will be touring later on this year, the European tour dates are as follows:

30 April – AMSTERDAM, Melkweg Theaterzaal
1 May – BRUSSELS, Les Nuits Botanique
3 May – BERLIN, Kantine
4 May – VLIELAND, Here Comes The Summer
6 May – COPENHAGEN, Hotel Cecil
8 May – COLOGNE, Gewoelbe
9 May – ZURICH, Rote Fabrik
10 May – BASEL, Kaserne
11 May – BOLOGNA, Locomotiv Club
14 May – PARIS, Point Ephemere
16 May – LONDON, Scala
17 May – BIRMINGHAM, The Hare and Hounds
18 May – MANCHESTER, Soup Kitchen

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