The return of Broken Records

Having championed them on this blog since 2007, every time there is a new Broken Records release I want to get up and cheer. Should a forty-something man behave this way? Ach, who cares. Broken Records will shortly release their fourth album What We Might Know, on March 30.

The first track from the album is entitled ‘They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone’ – and whether or not you have seen the video or heard the track, you can view it just here:

The band will be playing the following tour dates:

March 31 – Lexington, London

April 21 – Church, Dundee

April 26 – Summerhall, Edinburgh

April 27 – Tolbooth, Stirling

April 28 – Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

The album cover looks like this…

…and the album tracklist is as follows:

  1. They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone
  2. Let The Right One In
  3. Open Ground
  4. The Inbetween
  5. Anytime
  6. Perfect Hollow Love
  7. When All Of This Is Done
  8. So Free
  9. Clarity.
  10. Someday You’ll Remember Me
  11. What We Might Know

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