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Ok, so it’s been rather quiet round here for the last couple of weeks. No excuses, other than that I have been feeling utterly exhausted.

So thanks to New Model Army for stirring my from my stupor. They have a new album out on August 23, entitled From Here. The first track to be released from the sessions (which took place on the tiny Norwegian album of Giske) is entitled ‘End Of Days.’ And this track reminds me why I fell for New Model Army, a band who inspire fierce loyalty and a devoted following (whatever daft things the music press may or may not have focused on). The albums was written in just two months and recorded in nine days. For a band due to celebrate their fortieth anniversary next year, they are still sounding remarkably fresh and urgent.

There’s a small ‘teaser’ video doing the rounds which whets the appetite still further…

…and there will be a tour (see the band’s website for details), which includes a date in 17 Seconds’ hometown of Edinburgh. You can also pre-order the album here. The artwork was done by the band’s long-term collaborator, the legendary Joolz Denby (a personal hero).

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