Forthcoming from Spearmint

Photo credit: Ben Knight

Apart from posting their rather brilliant late 1990s’s single ‘Sweeping The Nation’ many years ago, I seem to have rather neglected with wonderful Spearmint on this blog. So it’s time to put that right.

On November 1, the band will release their new album Are You From The Future on their own hitBACK label. I have heard the album already The indiepop band (with a lot of soul) will be playing London Water Rats on November 14.

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. 24 Hours in A and E
2. Pick The Papers Up
3. Senseless
4. Fireflies
5. Thomas
6. I Don’t Sleep Well Without You
7. Boom Boom Boom
8. As I Write This
9. St Thomas In The Darkness
10. I Met A Boy
11. The West Pier
12. It Won’t Happen To Me

Note: I keep trying to work out what the best track is – but it keeps changing. SIgn of a very good album. The first track to be released from the album is album opener ’24 Hours in A and E’ which you can stream below…

…and because it’s twenty years since the band’s debut album A Week Away came out, here’s a couple of tracks from that album:

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