Does there have to be a reason?

I’ve just returned from a trip to London, and inevitably, there was a bit of record buying. For the first time in many years, I’ve actually started buying CDs again – you can pick up some great stuff in charity shops for as little as a pound – and often a lot less. Why would I buy CDs when I prefer vinyl or I could stream it? Firstly, because there are albums you can pick up for the price of half a coffee that will cost fifty times that on vinyl (and I do have other commitments apart from expanding my music collection). Secondly, because not every album ever made is on streaming services and thirdly, because I don’t have a car that stream music either. Today I have been rediscovering David Holmes’ This Films Crap Lets Slash The Seats (sic).

Of course, I also picked up some vinyl, and while I can’t believe it’s seven years since this came out, I was thrilled to finally own Bobby Womack’s final studio album, The Bravest Man In The Universe on vinyl. Enjoy!

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