This arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago.

Mimas are a Danish band, with a somewhat brilliant and quirky sense of humour, which is always good in these dark times. Their album The Worries came out in October in the UK and will be out in the US in June.Snævar Albertsson (the singer, above) included this amusing interview with them, so I knew I had to feature them:

Where are you from?
We’re from the future. No just kidding. We were formed in 1960 and then we broke up and reunited in 2004 with the name Mimas and Papas, but now we just like Mimas more. We live in the only country in Scandinavia where you can get seriously drunk without being the poorest person on earth the day after. Booze is cheap here!

– Why are you named Mimas?
We really think that most good artists start with a M. Megadeth, Madonna, George Michael…. So we were really sure about the M. Imas we came up with while playing squash. It’s a mental condition.

– How would you define you?
If you would think of a mix between the old Take That and then take some of Ice Cubes solo stuff and put in a bit of the more melodic Norweigian Black Metal you would be completely off. We’re just way more indie than that.

– Your record will be out in the States on June 2009 on Distile Records and it will be distributed via Stickfigure. How is everything is going so far?
Well. Very well. All we ever wanted since we were small kids on the playground shitting our pants and eating dirt was to make music and play it for people.

– Your record is already a success in the UK and you will tour Europe on June 2009. Are you planning to tour the US soon?
World domination is on our to do list, so of course!

Mimas -‘Cats On Fire.’ mp3

It also comes with this video – how could I not post this?!

Make friends at their myspace page

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