Hooray…it’s Saturday

Saturday has got to be my favourite day of the week without a doubt. A day to catch up on sleep, take gently and not have to worry about the week ahead (that may kick in about 5PM Sunday. It starts when you’re five and just continues from there on, probably into retirement!). However, it is now July, which means that Edinburgh is hot and sticky. Like every Saturday of the year, there are at the very least, slightly too many people whcih means they keep getting in everyone’s way (and I in theirs too, I suppose).

It’s now a week since I started blogging, and I’ve so far been pleased with the feedback, links and mentions and that I’ve had, including from other bloggers, such as those at Silence Is A Rhythm Too Another Form Of Relief, The Torture Garden, Your Moment Of Zen, mp3 Hugger, and indie mp3. Please remember to check out other blogs if you see them linked on here, and if you download the music either here or there remember to support the artist if you like them and to read the posts that are written. It’s only good manners.

Seeing as it’s the weekend, it seems like a nice idea to point you in the direction of some great covers: Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands has posted some great covers including REM doing Wichita Lineman. This needs to be heard, as it is a gorgeous live version of a fantastic song. It’s a blog I read pretty regularly too.

I really like Adam Green and Ben Kweller‘s cover of The Beach Boy’s Kokomo (yes, the one from Cocktail). Go to I am Fuel, You Are Friends to hear it. (I first heard this on the Jessica 7″ a couple of years ago. You can go here to buy it).

The Daily Growl has the lady of the moment, Lily Allen, doing her take on a 50 Cent track and her cover of the Kaiser Chief’s Oh My God. They also have some more on The Pipettes.

Spoilt Victorian Child have a cover of ZZ Top‘s Legs, done by an act called Like A Tim. Both Spoilt Victorian Child and mp3 hugger have paid thoughtful tribute to Rob Collins from the Charlatans, who died ten years ago today. It’s worth owning all the Charlatans albums in my opinion, but if you have to narrow it down to one, go and buy Telling Stories, the album they were making when he died.

Oh, and if the hot weather’s getting to you too, check out Berlioz’s The Shepherd’s Farewell at Hello, Gina Sung in French it is called ‘L’adieu Des Bergers.’

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