Sunny street…very hot buildings

I gotta confess, I am absolutely shattered. And I have to thank those nice people at Dance To The Sun for the music behind the post this evening, so apologies if you’ve already read about this band there…

I know nothing about The Sunny Street – but they sound great, and perfect for a hazy summer evening. Their myspace page has four tracks – go get ’em!

It has been well-reported that Sleater-Kinney are breaking up. I only got into the band a couple of years ago, so I feel like a bit of a Johnny-come-lately posting on them. However, let me point you in the following direction whether or not you are familiar with the band:

the band’s official home page and their myspace page

Their pages at Subpop, their record label also has a few mp3s
A Blog Soup has a hell of a lot of stuff!
(thanks to Copy, Right? for pointing me in the direction of this. Go here to buy Sleater-Kinney if you like what you hear.

Finally, Victoria Bergsman has left The Concretes to pursue a solo career. It bugs me that The Concretes have not yet had the kind of success that they so clearly deserve. Courtesy of their webpage, check out these (snippets of)tracks, which should whet your appetite then go and buy their two very fine albums The Concretes and In Colour.

The Concretes – ‘Say Something New.’ mp3

The Concretes – ‘Diana Ross.’ mp3
Finally, I will add more blogs and links to this page. Right now I really, really gotta sleep…

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