Monday covers

Like a lot of people of a certain age, the first band I ever remember hearing was The Beatles. The album in question was A Hard day’s Night and not, as many might think, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (not a bad album, but let’s face it, the majority of people who say it’s their favourite album only own five albums. I like the two Terry Pratchett books I’ve read, I’d like to read more but at the moment it seems a bit much to express a favourite). Because there are so many covers of the Beatles’ songs it gets hard at times to pick up on ones that really stand out. (I do like The Breeders’ version of Happiness Is A Warm Gun on Pod). But – and I know I did a big post on Low last time – I figured you had to hear this:

Low – ‘Nowhere Man.’ mp3

And this is a cover by Low of one of John Denver’s songs:

Low – ‘Back home Again.’ mp3

Thinking of the sixties, another classic band – The Beach Boys – get covered by Sonic Youth as the mp3 of the week at the Chromewaves site – the track in question is ‘I Know There’s An Answer.’ This, obviously, was on the seminal Pet Sounds. It was covered by Frank Black as ‘Hang Onto Your Ego on his first solo album. The New Order version can also be found on the re-issue of Goo, still my favourite Sonic Youth album.

The last Joy Division song or the start of New Order? There are places for these debates – but check out Galaxie 500 covering Ceremony:

Galaxie 500 – ‘Ceremony.’

There will be more covers tomorrow, but right now enjoy these. I’ll be back…

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