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Hi…yet again, life, teaching and other things are conspiring against me to prevent me from posting as often as I would like.

Anyway, first things first: was given a copy of a demo by a Glasgow band called Serpico to review. please, please, please – the tracks you will hear on their myspace page show a band who are ready and waiting to go. If you have the know-how, sign ’em. If you don;t but want to hear a band who remind me of Indie rock at it’s epic best, with belief but not bluster, then go here and be their friend:

Serpico’s myspace page

Speaking of great scottish bands, if you haven’t voted at what are you waiting for? If you haven’t checked their site for a while, please do so.

Finally, my current favourite scottish blog is the Vinyl Villain. The music on this site is just SO DAMN GOOD. (and now it’s even got a link!!)

Hope everyone’s well. remember, January’s nearly over, and the Shins album is now out in the UK (review to follow…)

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