At the end of a tiring week…

Cat Power by Rahav Segev, 1999

Not sure this is a week I would want to live through again. My teaching job has seen me go through more emotions than I was aware the human brain could feel, and certainly deal with. From wanting to throttle kids (note to any parents reading: If you do not bring your children up to show respect and earn it as well as having it due to them you should have to stand in front of some of the classes I teach) to feeling that some could be okay, to a few who actually seem to have been listening… Told by two girls today that I’m like Jack Black in School Of Rock, ” ‘cos you’re a teacher, but you know about Rock Music.” Almost a compliment!

Anyway, am now trying to relax and enjoy my weekend. My long-suffering other half has asked for something gentle on (Radioactivity by Kraftwerk is more mental than I had remembered), so currently on the turntable (yes, vinyl) is Cat Power’s The Greatest. This is like soup for the soul (no chicken here, I’m still veggie!) this album. Enjoy.

BTW this is about my 99th post, so am working on something special for the 100th. Watch this space…

And for anyone who’s never heard Cat Power before, this is from her earlier album You Are Free:

Oh, and if you follow this link, you can download a track by Just Jack for free. Here you go…

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