Can I have some remedy?

This is NOT a post about the Black Crowes (a band who, like the Smashing Pumpkins, I love on record and was left high and dry when I saw them live on both occasions), but the line must have prompted something in my head.

Whilst I like the aforementioned Crowes, there’s something about their name when used in conjunction with various other muso-type bands that just starts to act as a turnoff. I say this because I got a friend request on my MySpace page from a band who sounded just like the sort of uninspiring but overinspired-by muso types (with too much emphasis on pre ’76 stuff) and another band that just did nothing for me.

BUT what I did get was a friend request from a band called Penny Black Remedy. Having checked out their MySpace page this is a fantastic band led by one Keith Thomson who is a Scot now based in London. The band have influences from the last seventy years – one track ’95 Charing Cross Road’ manages to combine elements of both Country and Reggae. Above all I hear a band who know how to take their influences and do something with ’em. Their website has more. Do check them out, ask to be their friend, and support ’em.

Penny Black Remedy website

Penny Black Remedy MySpace

By the way, I have flagged up the Best Scottish single poll that is Jock ‘n’ Roll. They are now looking at finishing taking votes in the next week or so, so get over there and vote. At the moment, it seems ‘Party Fears Two’ by The Associates will triumph, which is no bad thing, but make sure you have cast your vote.

Be good…

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