In brief…I Love it when you call

I was going to do a gig review for my Friday night’s gig which was great fun, but the last few days have been a bit hectic, with school and car accidents (unrelated, I hasten to add).

All I will say is this: The Feeling are great live. They put on a show and have some excellent tunes. No, they aren’t musical pioneers, but that’s not the point (if you go along expecting this, then you are frankly an idiot). A show that left you feeling warm, and that the money had been well spent. Nobody got preachy, the band seemed to be enjoying themselves and no-one acted like arrogant fools. The Fray, as a support band, I’m afraid I found a bit dull…

Keep watching this space. There will be more music soon. I cannot see the madness evaporating, but it might subside. A bit. Hopefully…

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