Album Review: The Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys: ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’

So, I finished school, and went to the record shop to get the new Arctic Monkeys album (on Vinyl. Obviously). Even if I am thirty…

To be honest, I was not enamoured of Arctic Monkeys when they first came along. OK, it was cool how they had come of MySpace and were on Domino etc.. but ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ sounded to these ears like a Libertines rip-off. the first time I heard ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ I kept waiting for him to go into ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows.’

However, I am prepared to admit I was wrong. One day the aforementioned Sun’s lyrics filtered through, and I got what it was about. I did eventually buy the debut, and I have been looking forward to this sophomore album.

The web must be drowning in blogs and magazines and other people analysing it to shreds so I won’t here. But I find it more immediate on first listen than the debut. I like the way opener ‘Brianstorm’ doesn’t have a chorus but a slogan ‘See You Later, Innovator!’ The Monkeys are just as keen and sharp observers as, say, the Streets or The Specials of the world they are in. There are numerous potential singles on here – ‘Flourescent adolescent’ and ‘Only Ones Who Know,’ for example. But it also clocks in at under 45 minutes, which means that by the end of closer ‘505’ the album hasn’t overstayed it’s welcome.

Don’t believe the hype? I didn’t, but I’m still eating my words.


From Favourite Worst Nightmare:

Arctic Monkeys -‘Brianstorm.’ mp3

That great ‘inbetween debut and sophomore albums single (see also Blur, Oasis, Suede, oh sorry, showing my age again)

Arctic Monkeys -‘Leave Before The Lights Come On.’ mp3

And the song that changed my mind:

Arctic Monkeys -‘When The Sun Goes Down.’ mp3

Buy Favourite Worst Nightmare

Buy Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Buy Leave Before The Lights Come On

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