Review: Ringo Death Starr

Back in about February, I wrote about Ringo Death Starr:

“It’s such a joy to listen to. It will annoy the hell out of some people, divide friends, cause frictions between couples. And quite possibly split ageing indie kids down the middle in the ‘OK who’s side are you on? ‘cos you’re now working for a living, stopped being veggie, and have a CD player in your car, you bloody sellout!’ kinda way. That’s what music should do. ”

And that was on the basis of one track alone. Now, on Spoilt Victorian Child records they deliver a cracker of a five track single (or is it a mini-album by that stage?) Anyway, this takes the beautiful noise of prime period Sonic Youth and early Jesus and Mary Chain and marries it to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine and early Ride, and creates something wonderfully new in the process. Maybe the new version of ‘Some Kind Of Sad’ might not cheer your ears off as much as the original one did, but this is the sort of thing that we need. All five wonderful tracks to be played at maximum volume. (Hell, if you’re worried about what the neighbours think, you’ve got suburban. And that’s not a good thing.)

And if the thought of hearing these five amazing, life-affirming tunes wasn’t enough, you can buy it for a paltry £2 (that’s $4, no idea what it is in other currencies) from here

Ringo Death Starr -‘Swirly.’ mp3

Ringo Death Starr-‘Some Kind Of Sad.’ mp3

On you go!

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