I received a communique from a reader called Laura earlier today asking if I could repost Placebo’s cover of ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again.’

Well, I thought, why not, and then I thought -make a post of it!

So, ALL VIA YOUSENDIT, here are some Placebo covers:

Placebo -‘Bigmouth Strikes Again.’ mp3 (Smiths cover)

Placebo -‘Holocaust.’ mp3 (Big Star cover)

Placebo -‘Johnny and Mary.’ mp3 (Robert Plamer cover)

Placebo -‘Running Up That Hill.’ mp3 (Kate Bush cover)

Placebo -’20th Century Boy.’ mp3 (T.Rex cover)

and for a wee bonus…

Plaecbo -‘Slave To The Wage (Les Rhythmes Digitales New Wave mix).’ mp3

Placebo’s website is here

BTW, am planning on doing a post on cover versions The Fall have done. Watch this space…

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