My Bloody Valentine reform!

The news is spreading across the blogs -My Bloody Valentine have reformed!

The shoegazing pioneers, without whom no Slowdive, no Lush, no Blur (go back at listen to Leisure), no Curve, no Ride… you get the picture. They’re back! And they are working on a new album, which may be ready this year.

I first read about this yesterday at The Yellow Stereo. This news was apparently from the mouth of Kevin Shields himself, and their website which is being worked on by Debbie Goodge, the bassist. They also have an official Myspace here.

Read more about this at: Hate Something Beautiful,and Minneapolis Fucking Rocks.

Tempting as it is to post tracks off their seminal albums Isn’t Anything and Loveless, I thought I would offer you some alternate treats.

The first is their Peel Session from the great man’s show in 1988 (these were taped off the radio, so not only do you get mbv but you hear the great man’s voice, too!)

My Bloody Valentine -‘I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It) (Peel session).’ mp3

My Bloody Valentine -‘Lose My Breath (Peel session).’ mp3

My Bloody Valentine -‘(When you Wake) You’re Still In A Dream (Peel session).’ mp3

My Bloody Valentine -‘Feed Me With Your Kiss (Peel session).’ mp3

And a couple of b-sides –

My Bloody Valentine -‘Honey Power.’ mp3(from the Tremolo EP)

My Bloody Valentine -‘Moonlight.’ mp3 (from the Geek EP)

And, finally, a very early track that appeared on the Rough Trade Indiepop 1 compilation a couple of years ago

My Bloody Valentine -‘Paint A Rainbow.’ mp3

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