Songs For Christmas XX

Well, term finished today, and I’m pretty brain dead. To say nothing of going Christmas Shopping, and finding the streets of Edinburgh full, and I kept running into kids I teach…however, I did finally manage to get a vinyl copy of Malcolm Middleton’s ‘We’re All Going To Die.’ (Fopp in Edinburgh still have copies, if a) you want one and b) you are in a position to get there).

I was also very flattered yesterday to get an email from a reader, Ryan, in California, who said it would really make his month if I featured his song on one of my Christmas posts.

Well, why not, seeing as his band Ten Thousand Dollar Tattoo (and that link leads to his MySpace) are pretty damn good, and I’m up for featuring new stuff:

Ten Thousand Dollar Tattoo -‘My First Santa.’ mp3

And a few other goodies that might appeal…

First up, the Eels (picture of singer E above):

Eels -‘Christmas Is Going To The Dogs.’ mp3

Eels -‘Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas.’ mp3

and also Weezer…

Weezer -‘Christmas Celebration.’ mp3

Weezer -‘The Christmas song.’ mp3

Four more posts to go for Christmas…

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