Glasvegas – Scottish indie’s Next big Thing for 2008?

A few years back, 2004 I think, I got a phonecall from my little brother, to tell me how much he loved the latest compilation tape I’d made him. In particular, he said, what he really loved was ‘Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?’ by the Wedding Present, particularly because David Gedge sang in his own accent.

It’s particularly this honesty of singing in your own accent that is one of the things that appeals about Glasvegas. (Seriously, in the 80s, Big Country didn;t feel comfortable singing in their own scottish accent, and the proclaimers were mocked for doing so). Bigged up by Alan McGee for sometime (and if you are foolish enough to let this put you off, it’s your loss), Glasvegas’ single ‘Daddy’s Gone’ was the runner-up single of the year in the NME writer’s poll. I heard it after I’d finally done the 17 Seconds 2007 Festive Fifty and was promptly kicking myself. The description of the band as being like ‘doo-wop’ with guitars is not far off. the sense of aching sadness that ‘Daddy’s Gone’ delivers is something really special. If this doesn’t move you, more fool you.

Glasvegas are currently unsigned, and Daddy’s Gone sold out long ago on 7″, though it can be bought on iTunes. Their official site is here and their MySpace is here.

Here are a few tracks -which have admittedly been floating round the blogosphere for a little while, but which I think you should hear:

Glasvegas -‘Daddy’s Gone.’ mp3

Glasvegas -‘Geraldine.’ mp3

Glasvegas -‘Go Square Go.’ mp3

Glasvegas -‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes me Cry.’ mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, let me know, and go and make friends with them on MySpace.

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