Happy New Year

…and I’ve got another one for you, another one of my MySpace friends.

I know next to nothing about Call To Mind, other than they are scottish and currently unsigned, and their four members are Andy, Jamie, Joe and Martin. They don’t even list their influences on their MySpace page, but I hear bits of Boards Of Canada, Sigur Ros and Mogwai (minus the ‘heavy’ bits). How to describe them? Indie? Too vague. Ambient? Part of me wants to say ‘shoegazing’ but somehow this is something different. Of this sounds like your bag you might have to figure it out for yourself. But this is music born of the severe winters of scotland and the beauty that still lies in it.

There are six tracks on their MySpace page, of which these two are my favourite:

Call To Mind -‘Untitled.’ mp3

Call To Mind -‘The Collapse.’ mp3

The other four tracks can be downloaded from their MySpace page, and if you like these, I suggest you do so!

Any info gratefull received…etc..

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