‘Scuse me, son…

But I heard it was valentine’s day and even that couldn’t get you to comment on Cat Power or Aberfeldy!

Tut tut…

In an attempt to let people get their hands on it again, I have reposted the final two tracks off the C86 cassette here:

The Shrubs -‘Bullfighter’s Bones.’ mp3 THIS LINK NOW FIXED

Wedding Present -‘This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer!).’ mp3 THIS LINK NOW FIXED

and here’s a view tracks that really should be heard:

Only Ones -‘Another Girl, Another Planet.’ mp3

Richard Thompson -‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning.’ mp3

Darling Buds -‘Uptight.’ mp3

Wherever you may be, hope you’ve had a good day. I’m still enjoying my new job and will be even happier when spring comes…

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