Presenting…Dom DeLuca

More amazing music which turned up in my inbox.

A couple of days ago I got a second email from Dom DeLuca. I had received an email from him a little while ago, which had joined the pile of stuff to be reviewed (a slight case of ‘be careful what you wish for,’ I think. I used to dream of getting sent stuff, now it seems every day another CD, CD-R or mp3 turns up and it takes me ages to deal with it). His second email spurred me into action, and i’m glad i did, because I think these three tracks are absolutely gorgeous.

Dom DeLuca seems to be filed under folk. He is based in Toronto, Canada and his album is available on iTunes and emusic in the UK, though I couldn’t find a listing at Amazon.

See what you make of these…

Dom DeLuca -‘Birds Of Worry.’ mp3

Dom DeLuca -‘It’s A Sad, Sad Day.’ mp3

Dom DeLuca -‘Toronto.’ mp3

Make friends with Dom at Myspace then buy the album if you like these.


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