Five festive Fifty Favourites for Friday

…um, nice alliteration, I guess!

First up, one of those genuinely life-changing bands, Sonic Youth. The first album of theirs I heard was Goo, and while this may be indie heresy, I even prefer it to Daydream Nation (a few years ago, I played in a band with the working name of Daydream Nation. Our bassist hated it, and it transpired there is already a band of that name. Oh well). Never understood how ‘Dirty Boots’ from Goo didn;t make that year’s Festive Fifty, though…

Sonic Youth -‘Kool Thing.’ mp3

Sonic Youth -‘Tunic (Song For Karen).’ mp3

Does anyone else think this is a bit similar to ‘Kiss Them For Me’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees, which came out about the same time? Either way, cool record.

Chapterhouse -‘Pearl.’ mp3

‘I wanna die…I wanna die…’ Nowadays, a fifteen year old would embrace/shun this track for being ’emo’ with that lyric. But when it came out, I was fifteen, had never heard the word emo, and just thought it was drop dead cool. more than cood be said for me at the time.

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘Reverence.’ mp3

Fast forward to 1998, Britpop has gone down the plughole, and Norman Cook has yet another rebirth. This still makes me dance, really badly, mind…

Fatboy Slim -‘Rockafeller Skank.’ mp3

As I near to my 500th post, there will be more weird and wonderful music here. Watch this space…

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