New CSS and Coldplay

…in which two hotly anticipated albums of 2008 make tracks available for free via their website. Glad to see record companies are finally waking up to this.

Firstly, CSS’ new LP Donkey is due out soon, and this track is entitled ‘Rat is Dead (Rage).’ mp3

CSS -‘Rat Is Dead (Rage).’ mp3

Meanwhile, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is due out in June. I stand by liking Coldplay. Sure there are loads of godawful bands who have missed the subtleties of Coldplay (I’m perfectly serious; if you can’t hear them, then that kind of proves the point, doesn’t it?) and attempted to cash-in. I first got into them in 1999 when they released the Blue Room EP and have enjoyed them ever since. Remember: Nirvana shouldn’t be blamed for Nickleback, nor should Green Day be blamed for Sum 41and Blink 182.

Coldplay – ‘Violet Hill.’ mp3

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