A Great, Lost Album #3: The Primitives

The Primitives – ‘Lovely’ (Lazy/RCA)

Ah, The Primitives. Along with Primal Scream and The Wedding Present, the Primitives came out of the ‘c86’ scene and hit the charts and Smash Hits. Lumped in with The darling Buds and, erm, Tranvision Vamp in the ‘blonde’ movement, they had some class(ic) tunes. Best known for ‘Crash’ which opens this debut, they appeared on Top of the Pops, made great videos and even sold records. Then as the indie music scene became increasingly obssessed with there ‘always having been a dance element to our music…honest!’ they faded away by the early nineties.

I would love to get my mucky paws on their third album, but for now, here is their classic debut Lovely, from 1988. There are compilations available, but their studio albums are currently unavailable. Criminally.

1. Crash
2. Spacehead
3. Carry Me Home
4. Shadow
5. Thru’ the Flowers
6. Dreamwalk Baby
7. I’ll Stick With You
8. Nothing Left
9. Stop Killing Me
10.Out of Reach
11. Ocean Blue
12. Run Baby Run
13. Don’t Want Anything to Change
14. Buzz Buzz Buzz

Disclaimer: I hereby state that I do not own, nor have I ever owned the rights to this music. I am making no profit out of posting this music here. The reason i am posting this album is that it is unavailable in the UK. I hope that if people like this album they will track down a copy of it, and more importantly, that those who own the rights re-issue it.

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