A peel-related track

Britpop was acknowledged on the Festive Fifty (Bluetones, Ash, Pulp, Supergrass, Elastica) and some of the bands did better post-Britpop (Blur, Radiohead) and even Suede got a look in for the ‘Drowners.’ For whatever reason, Oasis didn’t ever have an entry…with the exception of probably their most famous tune ‘Wonderwall.’ Cat Power performed it in session in 2000, when it reached no.33.

Cat Power -‘Wonderwall (session).’ mp3

This track was sent to me by Steve at Teenage Kicks. It has never had a commercial release that either of us are aware.

Oh, and if anyone managed to get the Belle and Sebastian 2002 session, Wire’s 2002 session or got Bonnie ‘prince’ Billy doing ‘Little Boy Blue’ (cannot find this track either) could they get in touch, or point me in its’ direction.

God bless you all, God bless Les Paul, to quote Eugene Kelly.

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