The return of the Blow Monkeys

Yup folks, Dr. Robert, one of the thorns in Margaret Thatcher’s side that wasn’t in her cabinet returns!
The Blow Monkeys will release The Bullet Train as a first single from their brand new studio album Devil’s Tavern, their first LP in 18 years on August 18th.

With hits such as ‘Digging Your Scene,’ one of the first songs about A.I.D.S., It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way, and the many anti-Thatcher songs, particularly ‘Choice?,’ it’s a welcome return.

According to the press release, ‘Devil’s Tavern was funded by fans through the official website and was recorded in the Andalusian port town of Motril, southern Spain [Dr. Robert now lives in Spain].. The band did the majority of the production themselves, yet also enlisted the help of one time Blow Monkey associates Marius de Vries (Bjork, Rufus Wainwright) and Adam Moseley (Beck, Dust Bro’s) for additional mixing and production duties.’

Their very nice PR lady, Rosie, is currently trying to arrange for me to interview Dr. Robert, so keep those digits crossed for me, and their manager has graciously given permission for me to post this preview of their new single.

The Blow Monkeys -‘The Bullet Train (edit).’ mp3

And just because…

And let’s face it, any band who put out an album called She Was Only A Grocer’s Daughter in an election year deserve a cheer (if you don’t know what this refers to, google Thatcher the Milk Snatcher).

You will also find more mp3s at the official websites.

The Blow Monkey’s website

Dr Robert’s official website

Hmm, maybe I might do an anti-Thatcher post…
Blow Monkeys on Wikipedia

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