Presenting…Ex Lion Tamer

Ex Lion Tamer is the one man band from Edinburgh consisting of the enigmatic Tony T who works…well, I won’t reveal where he works, but he does make some damn fine pop music.

Yes, cooler-than-thou people I said POP. Tony T describes his influences as being ‘Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Yazoo, Erasure, Rob Hubbard – things that sound clean’ and says that Ex Lion Tamer sounds like the ending credits of low budget 80s teen movies – played on your mate’s Amiga. With a gift for sarcasm that would put P.E. teachers to shame, he may be making one or two of those up. Though not the bit about the Amiga.

The name does indeed come from the song by Wire -some of you were just itching to point that out, weren’t you? – but this is no three girl rhumba. Instead, check out the myspace and see how good it really is:

Ex Lion Tamer’s myspace

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