Record Store Day tomorrow


Yes, folks, it is indeed, and should you be in Edinburgh (Scotland, obviously, just in case there are any other Edinburgh’s anywhere else!), Avalanche Records on Cockburn St, the finest record shop will be having a live performance from 17 seconds Records’ Ex Lion Tamer at 3PM!

They will also have Broken Records in at 4:30 PM and Withered Hand at 11:00 AM.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If you haven’t seen our Tony yet, you really oughta…

Make friends, especially if you’re into strange pedigree dogs…

Baby, I can’t wait!


Okay folks get ready for May!

The weekend of May 8-10 in Edinburgh will see all three 17 Seconds Records acts playing at Cabaret Voltaire, and I am very happy and excited about this. This is part of Tigerfest, and both us here at 17 Seconds and Matthew at Song, By Toad are ‘curating’ a night. Matthew’s night is on May 7 at the Bowery, and features Meursault, Inspector Tapehead and The Japanese War Effort.

Friday May 8 sees Aberfeldy, with support from Ex Lion Tamer, at Cabaret Voltaire. Tickets are now on sale from Tickets Scotland, Ripping Records and Ticketweb priced at £10.

Sunday May 10 sees The Gillyflowers play with Le Reno Amps and The Stantons at Duty Free at Cabaret Voltaire. Yup, Duty Free is FREE to get into!

Doors open at 7PM for both shows.

Aberfeldy -‘Love Is An Arrow.’ mp3

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

The Gillyflowers -‘Country Boy.’ mp3

See you there : )

17 Seconds Records latest release and news


yup, just wee update…

This is Ex Lion Tamer (below) who tomorrow (Monday March 9) will release his first single through us.


The download-only single (for now!) is called ‘Neon Hearts’ and should be available from all the usual suspects: iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Tiscali, TuneTribe, MSN, Oxfam,, MTV and Sonic Selector.

This release is 17SEC3, 17SEC1 being the 7″/download of ‘Claire’ by Aberfeldy and 17SEC2 being this, the free download of ‘Life Support Machine’ made available through this blog and the 17 Seconds Records website.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If you are UK based, the single can be bought for a mere 79p (£1.58 if you buy it with the b-side). Take a packed lunch and make a difference!

There was also an interview with yours truly in The List which was great! In addition to this which was cool too…

Meanwhile, gigwise, Aberfeldy are playing at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Monday March 9 (yes! tomorrow!), and Ex Lion Tamer plays the Voodoo Rooms as part of Limbo on Thursday March 12.

Have a good one…

Wrap Up Warm Folks…


Popped out briefly this evening with Mrs.17 Seconds to catch Ex Lion Tamer at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh. It’s about to snow here, but we had to go along and support him, and we were not disappointed.

Now, I know I’ve mentioned our second signing before, but please check him out if you haven’t already.

He deserves way more myspace friends than he currently has – and his songs sound like they were made to rip uo dancefloors to, or played stripped down to just voice and acoustic, a la Jose Gonzalez.

So the myspace is here

We will be releasing a single length version of ‘Neon Hearts’ in March, all being well (no, not the Kraftwerk song, that’s Neon Lights, yes?), and if you haven’t downlaoded this yet, what are you playing it?

Once again, 17SEC2:

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

[Oh, completely unrelated, can anyone out there send me ‘Nothing Special’ by bastro on mp3? having difficulty tracking it down).


Happy New Year

Hello all,

hope you had a good New Year’s Eve – I had a good one, but even though I don’t drink anymore I still feel exhausted. Ah well…

So what’s up for 2009? Musically, I’m predicting that guitar rock will take a back seat to more electronic sounds. At least, I am worn out with over-produced indie by numbers. It’s not big and it’s getting less and less clever.

As for what the blog offers, expect the usual mix of the painfully obscure and the wildly obvious, bizarre covers, videos, interviews, tips on up and coming bands, occasional updates on the progress of 17 Seconds Records and much more. Including my attempts to try and get to grips with the music that’s out there and succeeding to a limited extent.

I nearly meant it when I was going to call it a day back in December, fed up with the DMCA and their taking down of posts. However, I eventually came round to it, and will be moving this blog elsewhere very soon. Keep it tuned to 17 Seconds!

17 Seconds Records is in discussion with a couple of other bands we are trying to sign, we are also hoping to do another single with Aberfeldy, and will be issuing a download only single by the second act to sign to our label, Ex Lion Tamer called ‘Neon Hearts.’ If you haven’t downloaded the free ‘Christmas’ single ‘Life Support Machine’ here is another chance:

Ex Lion Tamer – ‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

We are also hoping to finally have the 7″ vinyl for the Aberfeldy single which we have been waiting for from the pressing plant for ages…

And who will be the big acts of the next few months?

Florence and the Machine for certain…these are the two singles they released last year:

Florence and the Machine -‘Kiss With A Fist.’

Florence and the Machine -‘Kiss With A Fist.’ mp3

Florence and the Machine -‘Dog Days Are Over.’

Their singles have also included covers of Cold War Kids ‘Hospital Beds’ and Candi Staton’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’. If you like these tracks, please go and buy them!
Florence and the Machine -‘Dog Days are Over.’ mp3

Meanwhile, Broken Records‘ profile continues to rise. If this isn’t the year they rise to higher prominence then there really is no justice…

Broken Records -‘Slow Parade

Broken Records -‘Slow Parade.’ mp3

Broken Records -‘Lies.’

Broken Records -‘Lies.’ mp3

Meanwhile, speaking of great electronic stuff…Ladyhawke‘s self-titled debut will almost certainly dominate in 2009…or I give up. This lady, Pip Brown, is set to become one of New Zealand’s biggest pop acts ever.

Ladyhawke – ‘Paris is burning.’

Ladyhawke -‘Paris Is Burning.’ mp3

Like that? you’ll love this…

Ladyhawke -‘My Delirium.’

Ladyhawke -‘My Delirium.’ mp3


Merry Xmas

…phew. Christmas is nearly here, the school term is over…and I’m feeling absolutely exhusted and still quite some way off goodwill to all men, especially if they have anything to do with the RIAA or the DMCA.

But, it has been a good year for me overall, sustained by getting a better job, the continued love and support of Mrs. 17 Seconds and family, friends and readers. 17 Seconds Records Ltd. is go, make friends at our myspace page if you haven’t already.

17SEC1 is already available as a download, Aberfeldy’s first single for two years ‘Claire.’ The 7″ is now supposed to be with us in January, not that I’m getting annoyed about this or anything…It was a proud moment hearing Riley Briggs talking about 17 Seconds Records from the stage at their two gigs on Monday and Tuesday; if you pop along to their myspace, where you can make friends if you haven;t already and hear their version of a Christmas classic. They were supported on Tuesday night in Edinburgh by the rather fabulous Gillyflowers who have already been recording with Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy producing and amazing it is too. Make friends with them, before some hip record company snaps them up.

17SEC2 is Ex Lion Tamer’s fantastic ‘Life Support Machine.’ Thank you to the 100+ who have downloaded this; if you haven’t please do – it’s a free Christmas track.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If of course, Christmas is getting too much for you, check out this track from Earth:

Earth -‘Omens And Portents I: The Driver.’ mp3

It’s taken from this page whixh has lots of wonderful and not a little terrifying stuff from the likes of Om, Sunn o)), Burning Witch…and Boris collaborating with Merzbow. Two Japanese gods of noise collaborating together. Oh yes…

Have a good one, I’ll be back in the new year



The second act to be signed to 17 Seconds Records
is Ex Lion Tamer. His first single for us will be a song called ‘Neon Hearts’ and very good it is, too.

However, before that, as an early Christmas present, he would like to share this fantastic song with you, that evokes Kraftwerk and Postal Service, along with much of the fine eighties electric pop that influenced him. It’s called ‘Life Support Machine.’

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

Make friends with Ex Lion Tamer at his myspace, and if you haven’t popped by to the 17 Seconds website or myspace, do so!

Feedback welcome, as ever…

17 Seconds Records’ latest signing

17 Seconds Records continues apace…

Our second signing is the enigmatic Ex Lion Tamer, the project of the mysterious Tony T.

There will be a download single to come in the new year, ‘Neon Hearts’ with hopefully a free download to come before then.

Give him a listen and see what you think!

And go and make friends too, obviously…

Plus our first release, Aberfeldy’s ‘Claire’ single is record of the week on Iain Baker’s show on NME Radio. Yeah!

Presenting…Ex Lion Tamer

Ex Lion Tamer is the one man band from Edinburgh consisting of the enigmatic Tony T who works…well, I won’t reveal where he works, but he does make some damn fine pop music.

Yes, cooler-than-thou people I said POP. Tony T describes his influences as being ‘Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Yazoo, Erasure, Rob Hubbard – things that sound clean’ and says that Ex Lion Tamer sounds like the ending credits of low budget 80s teen movies – played on your mate’s Amiga. With a gift for sarcasm that would put P.E. teachers to shame, he may be making one or two of those up. Though not the bit about the Amiga.

The name does indeed come from the song by Wire -some of you were just itching to point that out, weren’t you? – but this is no three girl rhumba. Instead, check out the myspace and see how good it really is:

Ex Lion Tamer’s myspace